Frequently Asked Questions

Is Borghese Gallery worth seeing?

Borghese Gallery has a beautiful and impressive collection, but no one can say what others should see. So, if you don't like art galleries, don't force yourself; save time and spend it based on your interests.

Can I take photos or videos inside the Borghese Gallery?

Taking photographs is allowed inside the Gallery, provided you do not use flash. Please be respectful of other visitors admiring the works of art when taking photos. The use of “selfie sticks” is prohibited within the museum.

What is the Borghese Gallery known for?

The gallery is best-known for its collection of Bernini statues on the ground floor, including Apollo and Daphne, David, the Rape of Proserpina and Aeneas, Anchises & Ascanius. There are also numerous paintings by Caravaggio, Raphael, Titian, and Rubens.

How do I get to the Borghese Gallery?

The easiest way to reach the Gallery is by walking through Villa Borghese Gardens. You can get to the Villa by Metro Line A, stop at “Spagna” or “Flaminio” station, climb the hill and take a short 20 min walk through the gardens to reach Borghese Gallery, which is well-signposted.
Address: Piazzale Scipione Borghese, 5, 00197 Roma RM, Italy

How long does it take to visit Borghese Gallery?

The session duration at the Borghese Gallery is 2 hours - this is enough to see all the collection’s masterpieces.

Do I need a guide inside Borghese Gallery?

If you are not an art expert, the great idea is to take a guided tour. A more economical way to get to know the collection’s masterpieces is with an audio guide and self-reading the articles before the visit.

How much is a taxi ride from Rome city center to Borghese gallery?

To get from the center of Rome to the Galleria Borghese by taxi costs about 10 euros. You can calculate the exact cost of the trip using an online Taxi Fares Calculator.
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